MCSR Ranked Rest API Document

All endpoints have a ratelimit of 1000 requests per 30 minutes unless otherwise specified.

200   Success Response

JSON response when an API request is successfully processed.

Response Type


Sample Response


400   Data Not Found

JSON response when there's no data. However, as an exception, array type returns an empty array instead of this error.

Response Type


Sample Response


401   Wrong Parameters

JSON response when used wrong parameters. The data of the API response will explain what went wrong.

Response Type


Sample Response


429   Too Many Requests

JSON response when an API request exceeds the ratelimit.

Response Type


Sample Response


Class   UserProfile

Parameter Type Description
uuid String User's UUID
nickname String User's nickname
roleType Integer User's role type
eloRate Integer? User's Elo rate, If user haven't finished placement matches it will be null
eloRank Integer? User's Elo rank

Class   Achievement

Parameter Type Description
id String Achievement Identifier
date Date Amount of changed elo rates
data String[] Additional data array
level Integer Level of achievement

Class   MatchInfo

Advanced parameters are only available with /matches/{match_id} endpoint.
Parameter Type Description
id String
type MatchType
season Integer
category String Match completions category. Default is ANY
date Date
players UserProfile[]
spectators UserProfile[]
result.uuid String? Winner's UUID, It will be `null` If match has draw
result.time Time
forfeited Boolean Whether match has no completions
decayed Boolean Whether match has decayed match
rank.season Integer? Record rank of match's season
rank.allTime Integer? Record rank of all-time
changes[].uuid String UUID of player
changes[].change Integer? Amount of changed Elo rate, if match has placements it will be null
changes[].eloRate Integer? Elo rate of player, if match has placements it will be null
seedType String?
completions[].uuid String (Advanced) Player uuid of completion
completions[].time Time (Advanced) Match time of completion
timelines[].uuid String (Advanced) Player uuid of timeline
timelines[].time Time (Advanced) Match time of timeline
timelines[].type Time (Advanced) Identifier of timeline

String   UserIdentifier

Identifier used when getting user information. You must use one of the formats below.

Type Description Example
UUID UUID of User, you can also use with dashes(-). bbc886da1b024739b4b80f1542e9f61d
Nickname Nickname of User. It's not case sensitive. RED_LIME
Discord ID Linked Discord ID(Snowflake) of User. Must be discord.[ID] format. discord.338669823167037440

Integer   MatchType

Value Description
1 Casual Match
2 Ranked Match
3 Private Room Match
4 Event Mode Match

Integer   Date

Displays a specific date as an epoch time (timestamp) in seconds. (NOT milliseconds!)

Integer   Time

Displays a specific duration in milliseconds.